Like it or not, fall has arrived and winter isn’t that far behind. This is the time of year to be asking yourself if you’re prepared for the upcoming cold winter season. The BMW X5 offers several options that make it a fantastic choice for conquering winter driving conditions. In the luxury midsize SUV market, the BMW X5 offers plenty of power and a comfortable interior. Beyond that, it’s quite suitable for winter driving. What follows are three reasons why you need an X5 for driving safely on winter roads.

BMW xDrive

BMW’s all-wheel-drive system is carefully engineered and designed to keep you and your passengers safe during inclement weather conditions. Its full-time status ensures optimal traction when you need it most. It works in tandem with the dynamic stability control (DSC) system to ensure your BMW X5 is always stable and safe. This is especially important when driving over snow-covered or icy roads during the winter months. Combine this advanced all-wheel drive technology with a set of snow tires, and you’ll be extra safe on the road.

The BMW xDrive system quickly and accurately distributes the proper amount of drive power between the axles to prevent oversteer or understeer on bends and curves for outstanding handling capability, even on slippery roads. If you hit a patch of black ice, and one wheel loses traction, the dynamic stability control brakes the wheel with the least amount of traction while supplying power to the other three. It adjusts traction on hills or uneven terrain as well to ensure a smooth ride no matter what the road conditions.

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Emergency Braking

Every X5 SUV is equipped with automatic emergency braking to prevent collisions. The sensors in this system detect when a vehicle in front of you is rapidly approaching, and if it senses that the driver is not reacting quickly enough, it applies the brakes automatically to stop the car faster than you can react to it. This is especially important when driving on winter roads, where black ice can come up unexpectedly.

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)

A subfunction of the dynamic stability control system, the DTC assists the overall traction system to improve the overall stability and driveability of the X5. It can be turned on or off while driving during snowy conditions. When the DTC is activated, it provides better traction on snowy, slushy or icy roads and gives more thrust to the engine. It can be used on drier roads as well, for a sportier driving experience. The stabilizing measures of the DSC also remain activated when traction control is on.

These are just a few reasons why the BMW X5 is an excellent midsize luxury SUV for operating in snowy conditions. Its precise engineering and construction mean you and your passengers will be safer in the snow, so you can drive all throughout the winter without worry.