High blood pressure is known to lead to many illnesses and serious conditions. It is an issue that can affect the young and old, so what is the best way to lower your blood pressure?

According to the Heart Foundation, 34 per cent of Australians aged 18 years and over suffer from high blood pressure.

It is one of the leading risk factors for disability and death across the world. This is why increased blood pressure should be taken very seriously.

Lifestyle choices play a particular role in blood pressure. So, take control and make healthier decisions that can help you decrease your blood pressure level and delay needing to take medication.

The experts at House Call Doctor have given us a few tips on how to lower your blood pressure:

  1. Lose some weight

One of the easiest ways to reduce your blood pressure is to lose some of that extra weight. Blood pressure often increases as your weight does, so making a few lifestyle choices can help you take control. Losing even just a small amount of weight can make a significant difference, so you don’t need to be shedding every last kilo.

  1. Start exercising regularly

A great way to lower your blood pressure is to do some physical activity. 150 minutes a week is all you need to lower you blood pressure by about 5 to 8 mm Hg – if you have a high blood pressure level. It’s important to note that you must keep doing exercise, as once you stop, your blood pressure will rise.

  1. Start eating healthily and reading labels

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. So, why don’t you eat foods that are good for your body and make you feel great? Eating a diet rich in wholegrains, vegetables and low-fat dairy products can lower your blood pressure by at least 11 mm Hg. To maintain a healthy blood pressure, you must forgo unhealthy, saturated fat and high cholesterol foods. To make sure you’re eating the right foods, start reading the labels. On average, we tend to eat three times the recommended amount of salt. So, if you’re trying to lower your blood pressure, reading the labels on your food will help you get a better grasp on the nutrient value of what you’re eating.

  1. Limit your daily alcohol intake

Drinking too much of your favourite alcoholic beverage every day, can have a major impact on your blood pressure. So, limiting how much you drink, or just drinking in moderation can actually lower your blood pressure. The recommended intake per day is about one standard drink for women and one standard drink for men. This will lower your blood pressure by about 4 mm Hg.

  1. Think about your stress levels

Stress is often a key ingredient for high blood pressure. If you aren’t able to distance yourself from all of your stress triggers, there are many ways you can at least cope with them. For instance, take some down time for yourself and do some of the activities you enjoy. Focus on the issues you know you can control and try to resolve them.