Buying the best flower girl dress is not so easy. It is definitely not easy getting a little girl dressed up to be a flower girl at a wedding. Selecting flower girl dresses involves a lot of thought process. The dress should, of course, be suitable for both the occasion and the wearer. There are many options available to dress up the flower girl. One option is to have a full length or floor length dress for the flower girl. So, the question here is – Is it wise to choose a full-length flower girl dress? What are the pros and cons of such a dress? Let’s discuss the same in the articles.

Long flower girl dress

Usually, the flower girl is someone 6 to 8 years old. The little princess needs to be decked like one to look beautiful and also be the cynosure of the wedding ceremony as she leads the wedding processing. A full-length flower girl dress would be like a wedding gown. It would match with the bride’s dress and complement it very well.

A floor length flower girl dress has both benefits and problems associated with it.

Pros of a full-length flower girl dress

A full-length flower girl dress has many pluses to its credit. Here are a few of them:

  • A full-length dress as we mentioned looks like a wedding gown. It would thus perfectly match the dress of the bride.
  • Matching the flower girl’s dress and the bride’s dress is a good style statement to make creating a cohesive look.
  • A flower girl wearing a full-length dress looks like a little princess and in fact would also look at like a little bride herself. This presents a very cute appearance and would definitely look good and make the onlookers go ‘awww’.
  • It is perfect for the photograph. Both the bride and flower girl in full-length dresses would look picture perfect.
  • Of course, such picture perfectness makes the parents of the little girl happy and proud.

There is no doubt that a flower girl’s dress that is full length looks extremely good and would perfectly match the bride’s dress.

Cons of a full-length flower girl dress

If you were wondering what could go wrong in getting your flower girl wear a full-length dress, here are the problems that could happen:

  • While a bride can gracefully carry the long dress, an inexperienced little girl would in all probability face problems.
  • The biggest problem could be the little girl tripping over the dress and falling down.
  • If the little girl is a well-behaved angel, then its fine; else the dress could end up dirty or you could even have the girl lift up the dress if she is not comfortable creating embarrassment all around.


A full-length flower girl dress makes the little princess look like a bride herself. It also matches the bride’s dress and looks great in the wedding photo. But, it is advisable to look at the cons before taking a final decision.