Questions to Ask: Choosing an Outpatient Treatment Center

Whether you are choosing an outpatient treatment center for yourself or someone you love, this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. For most individuals struggling with substance addiction, recovery from drugs or alcohol begins with selecting the best treatment facility available. But how do you know what makes a facility great and right for your needs? Start with these frequently asked questions about how to select outpatient care for substance addiction and abuse.

What Kind of Detoxification Program is Offered?

Some outpatient treatment centers may not offer drug detoxification programs. This is due to the intensive nature of detox. Check with your treatment provider to see if detox is offered as part of your treatment program. Here at Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers, we offer an inpatient detox program to help patients detox before transitioning to our outpatient treatment center.

How Long is Treatment Provided in Outpatient Treatment?

The amount of time spent receiving services from an outpatient treatment center varies from patient to patient. Outpatient treatment that we provide includes a comprehensive list of services including family education and relapse prevention. This enables you to get the help you need in a more efficient manner.

Where is Treatment Located Near Me?

Choosing a treatment center close to home is often the only option for individuals. Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers has services across the US. We have two rehabilitation facilities located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Palm Beach County, Florida.

In addition, we are within four hours of driving time for patients living in West Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Philadelphia. By having outpatient treatment services near you, there is always someone to turn to for support during recovery.

How Do I Get Admitted for Outpatient Care?

If you are ready to take the first step toward recovery, simply fill out this short admission form and our admission coordinators will assist you. If you need to request the assistance of an interventionist to help with a loved one who needs treatment, we can also provide this for you. We have the professional resources to connect you with certified intervention experts.

Find Outpatient Treatment Today

Here at Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers, we offer an array of outpatient services for patients including intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization. Our outpatient treatment includes specialized programming, such as gender-specific groups, LGBTQ services, and dual diagnosis and management.

We have someone ready to speak with you 24/7 as you choose the best outpatient program for your needs. Please contact Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers at 800-557-0566.