In the not too distant future, we will have self-driving cars on the road. We are not there yet obviously, but some of the technology that will be used in those cars is currently available on newer models like Toyota C-HR Baltimore. Smaller SUV type vehicles are also becoming more popular, and most car companies are scrambling to get a leg up in that market. The Toyota C-HR Baltimore is one that is breaking new ground in this nice. It does that by having the very latest technology as standard hydroponics equipment, which is usually an added package.

Most cars now have a rear-view camera, and that is the basic thing. Cars now have 360-degree cameras so you can see all around your car, and see those areas you might miss looking out the window.

Blind spot monitoring is a huge advance that will no doubt save many accidents.  It’s called a blind spot because it is an area you cannot see no matter how many mirrors you have. This will alert you when there is something in your blind spot, and now there is technology to actually help you avoid steering into that object. There is also technology to help you stay in your lane, alerting you and even correcting your steering.

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Another advance is using radar to detect when there is an object in front of you. Some cars can alert you if you are about to have a front or rear collision. The latest technology can actually stop your car for you to avoid a collision. That only works at slow speeds so far, like 30 miles per hour or less, but it is continually improving.

The information display is also a technological advance that can be valuable. This can give you a lot of information about your car, way beyond what the traditional dashboard cluster can offer. It can alert you when your oil is low, a tire is low, or a variety of other issues that could affect you and the vehicle.

The latest technology can also monitor the driver and detect when the driver is dozing off. The car can sound an alarm to wake up the drowsy driver. The technology can also keep up with the activities of teen drivers, and even impose limits on the speed set by parents. GPS and navigation, of course, are also standard and while they have been available a long time, the yare getting more sophisticated all the time.

The Toyota C-HR Baltimore is one of the most advanced cars with all the technology. Changes happen fast now as we move toward cars that drive themselves.