Heat Pumps are a device that absorbs the heat from the surrounding which is later used to heat water utilized for various purposes. Heat pump consists of a compressor which compressors as a refrigerant. It works on the principle of compression and decompression to absorb heat from one place and then this heat is transferred to another place for the heating waiter. These devices are a great way for homeowners who can’t afford expensive solar panels to cut their water heating costs.

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When it comes to electricity independence, solar geysers are still the most effective as they don’t need any electricity to heat water. They depend on solar power to heat water and thus can work independently from power grid as long as sufficient sunlight is available. But heat pumps need electricity, however, little may be the need. But since they don’t need to depend on weather conditions for their working, they are much suitable for monsoon season. Moreover, the heat pump price makes them much more cost-effective and popular choice for water heating needs than solar geysers.

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