Technological developments in online slot games have, in recent years seen quite some advancements. What was introduced as the classic 3-reel slot, has developed into the more entertaining 5-reel slot. There are many important features to the slot described in the article and has its share of advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore advisable to invest some time for investigation of the different games and selection according to individual needs. A suggested smart move is to play the free versions so that the player gets an experience of the game and of the machine.

The growing popularity of online casinos have led to a variety of online games and software companies are constantly innovating to present the the best online pokies on a regular basis. The online slot options have developed to a great extent in the last few years, from the introduction as 3-reel game to the more entertaining 5-reels game loaded with additional features and multiple pay lines. Speaking of the most recent innovation in slot gaming, mention may be made of the 3D and iSlot games that come with the interactive interface of video games. 3 Reel slot games are termed classic, also known as the fruit machine games, and are the most common online game played all over the world.

Advantages of 3 reel slots:

  • Good for beginner level experience, are simple and easy to play, great for introduction to online gaming.
  • Playing experience is relaxed
  • May offer a simple bonus round

Disadvantages of 3 reel slots:

  • Relaxed paced playing, so the player might get bored easily
  • Limited betting option available

 With the internet being flooded with infinite numbers of online casinos, the right choice is often a difficult task. Online casino user reviews news used by professionals in betting business is the right solution in today’s online casino market to save the online player the confusions related to game selection.