Screen sharing apps have made it easier and more productive for people to share, collaborate and communicate with colleagues and friends remotely on mobile and PC devices. Some of the best phone screen sharing apps are as follows.

  1. ezTalks

It is a dominant screen share app rich in features such as screen and file sharing, video conferencing, recording and playback, private and group chats, online whiteboard, HD audio and video chat etc and has the best security features among free screen sharing applications.

Screen sharing feature is support on Windows and Mac on PC and iOS and Android devices for mobile phones. It allows up to 100 participants screen sharing under its free plan.


It is the number one free phone screen sharing app for  as is has zero technical hurdles or formalities required to start a video conferencing session and has an user friendly interface. It allows screen sharing for up to 8 participants in its free version and up to 12 participants in its premium version.

  1. Skype

It is a free screen share app used for file sharing which also allows video calls and conferencing. It is easily available for downloading and works on all forms of devices (such as PC, tablets and mobile phone) and operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).

Screen sharing is easy to use while on video calls or conferencing and gives the users option to share an entire screen or a particular window only.

  1. Google Hangouts

It is a great free screen sharing app introduced by Google. It is simple to use and delivers good performance with good quality calls and conferences and screen sharing features. It allows up to only 10 participants for live screen sharing and video calls and does not have any premium plans.

  1. Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings is one of the best free screen share apps which also supports video conferencing available for businesses and enterprises. It has high performing features for online meetings and secure screen sharing features suitable for enterprises. It has features like unlimited cloud storage, full suite collaborating features and allows up to 500 participants on webinars under its premium plans, giving businesses freedom to choose plans which best suits needs of an enterprises.

  1. Join.Me

It is a user friendly, easy to use screen sharing app for free which is support on all mobiles and computer devices. It also has features such as video conferencing, whiteboarding etc but allows only three participants in its free plan while the premium plans are priced economically.