A number of people would be using their website URL for advertising or linking to their business pages. At times, these link URLs would be very long and may break when copied and pasted in the browser bar. In case, you have been losing visitors because of long URLs, you should invest in unlimited url shortener. A wide number of options have been made available in the online realm. These companies would be able to cater to your respective needs in the best manner possible. However, you would be required to choose the one that would provide to your specific needs in the best manner possible.

Availability of URL shorteners

The URL shortener has been made available at several places where you could copy and paste your URL required to be shortened. All you would be required doing is to click a button and you would have a short URL to be used in your efforts for marketing the business. Among the several locations of URL shorteners, you should find the one that would be able to cater to your specific needs in the best manner possible.

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Reasons for using URL shorteners

  • URL to fit into advertising medium

The URL shortener would shorten your URL to fit into the advertising medium. You may have come across a wide number of long URLs in emails, advertising and blog posts. Often when you copy the long link, chances are higher that you would break it. The space given in the link would mistakenly render the link unusable. When you shorten the link, you would be able to avoid the problem. It would make it relatively easier for the customer to copy and paste the link. It would get to your offer or site relatively quickly and in a reliable manner. It would also have the ability to look better. The link should be short and to the point.

  • Tracking abilities of URL shortening websites

The URL shortening websites would offer tracking abilities. It would imply plenty of information on the working of your link. In case, you were conversant with the ways to track your links, traffic, know how to read and understand Google analytics, you would be ok. However, in event of you being new to this, choosing web address shortener would provide you with information on from where the traffic is coming, how much traffic is coming and what the visitors are doing on your website.