Why Should I Have Bollards In My Parking Zone?

Bollards are an important component for a parking zone. Because parking bollards are larger and easier to see than delineators, they are the best choice for directing vehicles from driving onto sidewalks and causing damage to pedestrians and public property. Also, parking bollards are useful in alerting drivers of any upcoming hazards or obstacles, such as pay stations, stairwells or curbs. No matter the bollard type you choose, ParkingZone has the perfect option for your parking lot.

Types of Bollards

Parking Zone offers a variety of parking lot bollards, which allows customers the opportunity to install the ones that are best for your particular traffic circumstances.

Different parking lot bollards include:

  • Bollards with a removable, magnetic base
  • Bollards that have a fixed base that is more permanent and sturdy
  • Bollards with a quick-release feature

Browse the Selection of Parking Lot Bollards on ParkingZone

Our website features the whole gamut of parking bollards, including 10, eye-catching and different colored bollards that are more eye-catching for your customers using your parking lot.

Some of our bollard choices include the 24” x 7” diameter Mini Gorilla post. This bollard has a delineator with reflective stripes, which is a much more sturdy, permanent choice than the typical traffic cone. This bollard is perfect for the parking lot attendant who always has to put out traffic cones in different locations consistently.

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The Mini Gorilla Post bollard has a durable plastic base that can be attached permanently to either concrete or asphalt. The bollard can be removed, however, by pulling the spring-loaded pin upwards and twisting it until the bollard is detached from its base.

Why Choose ParkingZone?

ParkingZone is one of the largest parking supply companies in the United States, with over 1700 items to meet your needs. When it comes to parking bollards, we have been providing parking these to all levels of Parking and Traffic Enforcement companies. Whether you have a private parking facility, provide valet service or any other type of parking lot, we can help you with your needs.

ParkingZone provides the best parking lot products and superior customer service, but it doesn’t end there. We thrive on our ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the parking industry. We create new items constantly, including delineators, bollards, ergonomic chalk sticks and more. Whatever you need to make a safe, secure and accessible parking lot for your clients, patients or customers, we can meet your needs.

Call us today at 1-800-292-PARK to find the best solution for your parking lot. We look forward to serving you.