When you shop from one of several Edmonton Acura dealers in the area, you can find several excellent options for luxury SUVs, speedy sedans or fuel-conscious sport hybrids. One of the most popular features families often ask about when they shop for a new spacious SUV is if there’s a third row of seats.

A third row of seats for a large family is an incredibly appealing feature. It means they’ll have more passenger room and more cargo room overall to stow essential belongings. It ensures all passengers are comfortable and safe. More general appealing features of SUVs include their higher ride position, so you feel as though you can see more of the road in front of you, their all-wheel-drive capability for traversing in hazardous weather and the often nimble, precise handling that’s characteristic of cars. No longer do SUVs feel bulky as you steer them down the road – instead, they feel more nimble, like a car, despite their third-row capability.

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Which Acura Models Have a Third Row of Seats?

The quick answer is the Acura MDX, which can be purchased and test driven from one of several local Edmonton Acura dealers. It’s the only Acura vehicle that provides a third row of seats for passengers. Depending on the trim you select, it provides enough total room for six or seven people, which is one or two more passengers more than the typical room for five.

The base level MDX has seating for seven passengers. The second and third rows are bench seats at the standard trim level. If the customer opts for the Advance Package, which offers a variety of convenience and luxury options, including a surround camera, heated and ventilated seats and a heated steering wheel, it provides two captain’s chairs for the second row instead of a bench seat, reducing the passenger capacity to six. The Advance Package also includes several safety-minded features, including LED fog lights and automatic dimming side mirrors. When the Advance Package is combined with the Entertainment Package, the second row returns to a bench seat. The bench seat increases the passenger capacity to seven.

Acura MDX Seats

When you shop for a brand new Acura MDX at one of several Edmonton Acura dealers, you’ll discover that Acura seats are quite comfortable overall. The front seats for the driver and passenger are comfortable, supportive and heated, with leather upholstery and a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat (8-way adjustable for the passenger). Passengers can access the third row easily with just the touch of a button, that allows the second-row seats to slide forward.

Visit one of several local Edmonton Acura dealerships today to test drive an Acura MDX and discover how a third row of seats can keep your whole family comfortable for long trips or short hops.