When it comes to flavor and smells, there are few things in life so subjective. Because of this fact, there’s no way to truly say what is the best dry herb vaporizer for the best possible flavor. Cannabis is a plant with insane variety and countless different strains, with different genetics and therefore, different traits. These traits affect the terpenes (molecules which give taste and smell), the cannabinoids, the shape, color, scent, flavor, and density of what the flower will end up as. One day maybe it won’t be uncommon to see the equivalent to wine sommeliers in restaurants, but for weed!

Even if you don’t have the absolute very best dry herb vaporizer, there are still some ways to get the most flavor out of it. First of all, look up if there are any optional glass mouthpieces are available online. This can do wonders, especially when swapped for plastic mouthpieces. People often don’t realize just how much the plastic part of their vape is detracting from their full enjoyment of the flavor.

Next, consider trying new temperatures. Maybe you’ve stuck with whatever worked for you since you got your vape, but messing around with the temperature here and there can’t really hurt anything. Different temperatures vaporize different cannabinoids and terpenes, so there can potentially be a world of difference between a sesh at a lower temperature, and then a sesh at a higher one. There’s colossal variety in the types of strains as well too, so the best dry herb vaporizer experience could come to you if you keep an open mind and try new strains at new and varied temperatures.

Lastly, a pretty basic tip. Clean your vape often! When residues build up on the inside it can have a heavy impact on your enjoyment of vaping in general. The easiest way to clean it is by using a little brush of some sort, or even just cotton swabs. In combination with 90% isopropyl alcohol, you should generally be able to keep your vaporizer spick and span.