This article is the detailed and complete features of the Mock Tests for IBPS Prelims exam so you can make an informed choice. They offer taunt tests for different papers of which some of the tests are based on GS and 5 tests are IBPS based. There are 25 point wise tests on Paper 1 and 5 full-length tests each on Paper 1 and Paper 2 (IBPS).

Clearly Defined Syllabus and Schedule

The taunt tests for prelims are based on a clearly defined syllabus and schedule that you can download from here. The books from which the questions will be asked are additionally provided so you can prepare as needs be. Be it data sufficiency or any other subject the results are the same.

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Test Your Factual Knowledge

The Prelims paper comprises of questions that are authentic and in addition conceptual. The taunt test series is designed with this awareness. There are accurate and in addition conceptual or diagnostic questions. Moreover a single question contains multiple choices that test your accurate and explanatory understanding.

Variable Difficulty Levels

These sites likewise understand that UPSC Prelims paper isn’t a linear paper where just easy or troublesome questions are asked. Rather it is a blend of easy, moderate and troublesome questions. The ridicule tests for IBPS prelims take after the same pattern and you will encounter questions with changing trouble levels to equip you to tackle a wide range of questions in the real prelims.

Free Current Affairs Updates

We provide free weekly current affairs updates in PDF organize that you can download and read on your PC or mobile. Each week’s update is of 20-35 pages and is focused on IBPS prelims. The current affairs tests are based on these updates. We provide leaderboard that rundowns the best performers in each category of tests like point wise tests, paper 1 full length tests and paper 2 full length tests (IBPS). You can use this as pointer of how well you performed as compared to the competition. You receive a performance feedback report after every test in the user dashboard and additionally by email. This report records different parameters like your score, number of correct answers, average score in the test, your performance grade, time taken to complete the tests, etc.

Detailed Test Analysis Reports

We provide one of the most detailed analysis reports to the user inside his/her dashboard. These reports include test attempts by category (current affairs, history, country etc.) in a neat pie diagram. You can likewise see your average percent of correct answers for each question category. For instance, 55% in Polity tests, 60% in Economy tests etc. The complete test history of every one of your tests is available and you can review your attempt whenever you wish. You can likewise see the time taken to complete each test; along these lines you can improve your speed in attempting the tests. You can attempt each test unlimited number of times and you can likewise attempt tests that were added before your registration.

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Attempt Mock Tests

The entire website is mobile friendly for any topic, even in data sufficiency. This means you can easily login to the site and attempt tests from your mobile or tablet. You can likewise easily download and read the current affairs updates on your mobile. We additionally provide free demo tests that you can attempt at the present time before registering for the complete deride test series.