Have you ever noticed HGH is sold under different colors of top? You can find blue, red, green, yellow, black and brown top. Do you know what does that signify? Actually, various drug manufacturers have developed number of different forms of HGH and in order to distinguish its different forms, this color code has been used.

HGH color tops

When HGH was introduced by the manufacturers then looking at its usefulness, a number of underground labs have started developing this drug by using similar process. Therefore, manufacturers have coded them with different colors as mentioned in the beginning. By suitably color coding the buyers will now understand exactly, which quality of HGH they are buying.

HGH is hormone that can help in the growth of our bones, muscles and many other cells of our body. Basically, this hormone is meant for growth. The hormone is also naturally produced by our pituitary gland. It is also known as somatottopin. It is responsible for our digestive process and metabolic functions too in addition to other growths.

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HGH for bodybuilders

HGH cannot be considered same as any other anabolic androgenic steroids. However, bodybuilders find this hormone quite useful for them to accelerate the muscle tissue growth. A number of manufacturers in China, India, and Thailand have started marketing HGH by imitating the original product and therefore generic blue top growth hormone was used to denote the genuine HGH. However, then many other color codes started appearing and therefore the significance of these color top lost its meaning.

HGH which is genuine consists of 191 amino acids and therefore it is often referred as 191aa. Many underground labs have come out with another product which is called 192aa. This product is much cheaper and much easy to produce. However, it is not legitimate product and it is very risky to use it too.

Many of the manufacturers started marketing 192aa as a yellow top HGH and some other color to tell the buyers that they have improved it further. However, these color code is just to confuse the buyers. You cannot trust now that blue top HGH or red top HGH will be the best product.

Our body will accept only 191aa type of growth hormone as this is the only hormone, which is naturally produced by our pituitary gland. The 192aa HGH has a different molecular structure that will not be accepted by our immune system.

Therefore, in order to know the genuine HGH, it is necessary to get its sample tested by a reputed laboratory.