Every year, thousands of lawsuits are filed against medical device companies who create faulty products. When used in hospital or health practice settings, these faulty devices can cause serious, life-threatening illnesses and injuries. They can also create situations in which patients become even more injured than they already were or are faced with devastating and painful symptoms that will persist for their entire lives. Lawyers like Joseph Saunders can help if you have been injured by a medical device.

Some of the most common medical device failures include the following:

IVC filters


Drug coated stents

TMJ jaw implants

Hip implants

Knee replacement implants

Breast implants

Heart valves


Surgical scopes

Bone screws

Insulin pumps

Heart valves

Compensation for Medical Device Failure Lawsuits

If you decide to file a legal claim for a medical device failure that caused further injury to you or a loved one, a quality lawyer like Joseph Saunders can help you seek compensation. There are numerous types of conversation that may be awarded in situations like this, including compensation for:

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Medical bills

Pain and suffering


Emotional trauma

Lost income or wages

Assistive devices

Wrongful death benefits

How a Lawyer Can Help

A top-notch lawyer like Joseph Saunders can help you with your medical device failure lawsuit as soon as you decide to file. A lawyer on your side can offer you the following key benefits:

Easy Navigation of the Legal System

First and foremost, a quality lawyer on your side for your medical device failure lawsuit will help you navigate the legal system. Understanding what paperwork needs to be filed at what time in order to meet statute of limitation deadlines can be extremely complicated. When you’re dealing with the aftermath of the medical device failure yourself or with a loved one, you don’t have time to mess with the legal intricacies of your case. This is where a top-quality lawyer comes in.

Constant Communication

When you’re working with a high-quality lawyer, you know that you’ll be in constant communication with them. They’ll keep you up-to-date with the legal knowledge you need to have during the case, and they’ll let you know when you need to be present at hearings or provide evidence or materials.

Personalized Service

A great lawyer also offers personalized service with assertive know-how and deep legal understanding. A top-quality lawyer wants to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family during this difficult time, and they’ll work alongside you, catering their services to your needs.

Contact a Lawyer for Your Case Today

Are you ready to get started filing your medical device failure lawsuit? You deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. You deserve monetary damages for the hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical bills that you’ve had to pay for something that wasn’t your fault. Contact a lawyer today to learn more about your legal options.