Crowdfunding is the youngest and now, the biggest propeller of causes and projects around the world. Crowdfunding is a one-of-a-kind solution for any individual or organization that has a problem or idea in mind, a solution or plan to execute it, but lacks the funds to do so. Crowdfunding websites have been a go-to method of fundraising around the world for nonprofit organizations, artists, individuals who are looking to support a charitable cause and most of all, medical patients.

Nearly 50% of the Indian crowdfunding scenario is pitched towards medical causes. With the rapidly rising expenses of medical procedures and medication, more patients turn to crowdfunding to afford the procedures they need today than ever before. Medical crowdfunding has been and continues to be an effective and popular solution around the world for patients who are unable to afford their treatment. One such case is Sophie.

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Sophie’s crowdfunding story

An exuberant woman who dipped her toes in various adventurous activities, Sophie was an environmental engineer, and every minute she wasn’t working she was an avid blogger, traveller, hiker, photographer and writer. However, all of her pursuits of passion came to a halt the day she experienced extreme pain in her abdomen. A trip to the doctor and a few blood tests later, Sophie was diagnosed with end stage liver disease.

Sophie would need monthly tests, complex medication and a liver transplant. The estimate of her treatment handed to them by her doctor was Rs 26 lakhs. Though he knew there was no way they could afford it, her husband, Edward did not let the family sink into despair. He chose to start a fundraiser with Impact Guru, one of the best Indian crowdfunding platforms for medical and social causes. With the help of a compassionate crowdfunding team, Edward successfully raised nearly Rs 14 lakhs, more than half the amount in Sophie’s medical bill in three months.

What worked for them?

The thing about most medical campaigners is that the drive and determination to make their fundraiser a success comes naturally even to the first time campaigner due to a sense of urgency. Edward was swift in spreading the word through his social media, accessing foreign donations successfully right from the start. The team at Impact Guru created a promotional video that displayed Sophie’s story to aid the publicity of the campaign.

The story doesn’t end there. Sophie successfully found a liver donor in late 2017. Thousands of crowdfunding platforms around the world like Impact Guru strive to provide happy endings like Sophie’s to medical patients everywhere. If you know someone who needs funding to afford their treatment, don’t hesitate. Start fundraising for them today.