It’s unfortunate, but true. Driving a car on the streets of Houston is, at times, unnerving – even downright scary. During your commute you often think that one of these days; you will find yourself in fender bender, or even worse, a serious automobile accident, of no fault of your known.

You might be the most talented, careful driver in all the land, but you will not be the only driver on the road when you decide you need some groceries. The reality is, at some point, you are going to drive near an inattentive driver or come upon an unexpected moment in time where, according to the laws of physics, it would be impossible to avoid a car crash. Contact Houston auto accident lawyers near you for further questions, or keep reading to hear our suggestions!

First, with no exceptions, take care of your injuries. Then, if possible check on any other’s health and safety.  Reach out to a lawyer who specializes in automobile accidents in and around the Houston area.

A car accident is an overwhelming moment in time. It is shocking, and complex and requires the completion of certain legal procedures. This is when a skilled, seasoned automobile accident lawyer will really pay off.

What to do After an Auto Collision in Houston

Safety First: Depending on the severity of the crash or its location, you may be left in the middle of moving traffic when your car comes to a stop. If possible, move yourself (and the car if it is safe to do so) to a less exposed location on the shoulder of the highway.

The 911: When you are safe, call 911 immediately. This is also true for minor traffic accidents. The police will coordinate an effort to redirect traffic, document the incident and get the medical attention as required.

The Exchange: Before anyone leaves the scene of the accident, it is imperative that you both exchange each other’s names and insurance policy information. While you are at it, write down the license plate numbers for cars involved in the crash. It is noted that you will not need to give personal information like your address or your injuries to the other driver.

Use the Phone’s Camera: If you can, (and are safe to do so) capture some videos or pictures of the entire accident scene.  Anything unusual at the accident should be photographed as well. What seems like an innocuous piece of road debris today, can, and often does, become a relevant piece of evidence.

Begin to Notify: Once safe and treated medically, you are encouraged to call your insurance provider to give them the details of the incident. Contact family and friends to let them know you are all right.

Get home safely and rest.