In terms of most projects, it doesn’t matter which programming language you’re using: you can achieve equal success with Java or Scala. Some businesses often stick with the language in which their developers are most comfortable, but with today’s training options you can easily find a Scala online course that allows your team to get up to speed quickly and without sacrificing quality. There are more reasons than ever before to consider taking the leap and migrating from Java to Scala, due to Scala’s ease of scaling linearly and the much more compact code that you can deliver in this language.

Driving Innovation

If your development team is small and tight-knit, Scala offers a good opportunity to drive innovative new thinking that can help your team shake off any weariness and be reinvigorated. Learning something fresh in their Scala online course can encourage thinking in different directions, or approaching a challenging question from a completely different viewpoint. This is particularly true if the team is plodding through and running up against the same problems repeatedly. A switch to a new language may be just the change that they need to take an innovative new approach.

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Leveraging Tiers of Knowledge

While Java essentially requires a high level of knowledge from all programmers, Scala is a two-tiered language. This means that you can leverage a few very strong Scala developers to build artifacts such as libraries at a higher level that others can simply reference in their code. This allows you to bring on newer Scala developers quickly and efficiently and without requiring a long lead time for learning. A few individuals with in-depth knowledge of Scala can then easily corral a number of newer programmers to stay within set boundaries and still be highly effective in their time spent coding.

Scorched Earth Scenario

While no one wants to start a project completely from scratch, sometimes it is the only option when your project has gone completely sideways. If you find that your team is completely stuck and making no progress on solving complex business challenges, making a switch in both programmers and language can be a viable option to regain forward movement. Scala developers tend to be a passionate group, and finding the right individuals to executive on your project may bring renewed stakeholder confidence. Bringing the skills of current developers up to par can be done quickly with a Scala online course from  Yoppworks.

Whether you’re just starting a new project or ready to make a big change, helping your developers ramp up quickly on Scala can be easily accomplished with the aid of the professionals at Yoppworks. Scala online courses are taught by live instructors, so your programmers get all of the benefit associated with classroom instruction from the comfort of their home.