A second hand car can be easily bought in India today. You go to a dealer or search online and you will find many used cars available for sale today. But the price for used Volkswagen Vento in Bangalore will be different at different sources. Why?

Commission Involved

If the place from where you are buying the used Vento has a commission driven working model then the amount will get added to the price. So when you try to buy the car from the dealer, the price will be a little higher because of the dealer’s commission. However, a direct seller will be selling the same car for a less price because he doesn’t have to pay any commission here.

Storage of Car


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If the car has been stored in an open area which is dusty or moist then the weather conditions would have their impact on the body of the car. They can cause damage to the car’s body and paint job. In such cases, the price will be less. However, if the car has been stored in a closed area which protects it from natural elements then the damage caused is less which shoots up the price.

Service of the Car

Many dealers and even company showrooms get the car serviced and ready for use as per the company’s new car standards. The car is delivered to the buyer only after this servicing is done. If certain parts are so damaged that they need a replacement, then that is take care of. In such cases, the cost of the service and the change of parts is added to the price the buyer has to pay. You can find this out by checking the service record that the dealer will give you with car’s delivery.